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Why donate

Alianza Por Tus Derechos is funded thanks to the goodwill of numerous people all around the world that identify themselves with the needs and conflicts of a lot of the under aged population that have been victims of the violation of their fundamental human rights. International cooperation, therefore, represents an important aspect when it comes to fulfilling our job as an organization.

Por Rocio Rodriguez Garcia

Why make a donation?

Your donation can make the difference in a boy or girls life, and regardless of the amount, it will definitely have an impact on those children’s life, who are urgently in need of your help.

The population that benefits from your donations and our support come from a poor social class, stripped of economic means and unable to afford any private services, whether it be psychologists or legal assistance. Due to this, the children and teenagers are denied any legal or medical services, leaving them unprotected, vulnerable and with great conflict and psychological traumas that are left unresolved. Traumas and psychological injuries which will never heal if left unattended and without the adequate treatment.

Your donation is very important for us since we represent the bridge between you and the boys and girls that are most in need of help. With your help we will be able to facilitate the integral development of these people.

Take part in the creation of a new world for these children and teenagers, because only then may we be able to cover their most fundamental human necessities.

Not only will you be putting a smile on the face of many children and teenagers, but you will also be putting one on your own, knowing that you are contributing to the life of a boy or girl who has had their childhood damaged.

Alianza Por tus Derechos guarantees that your donation will be used exclusively as a direct benefit for the many children and teenagers in need.

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