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Alianza por tus Derechos publishes investigation on migrations in Pérez Zeledón

84.4% of the child population consulted, perceived the decision and action of migrating on behalf of their family, as a fact that released in them conflicting feelings.

The previous affirmation is taken from the investigation, The voice of the boys, girls and teenagers from the Pérez Zeledón county, province of San José, regarding the migrations, that was conducted by the NGO Alianza por tus Derechos financed by Save the Children Sweden.

For Catalina Fernández Rojas, Coordinator of Institutional Development of Alianza, “the publication reflects the psycho-social consequences due to which underage minors are vulnerable upon the leaving of their fathers and/or their mothers.

Furthermore, there is evidence that no articulated support exists for the care of these people and even worse one must remember that they are persons who find themselves in a stage of emotional, physical and social development”, the expert said.

And one must keep in mind that the results from this migration are: family disintegration, emotional instability, resentment, sadness and abandonment, instead of a better quality of life, which is the main purpose of migrating to North America.

The minors that participated in the study conducted during the first semester of 2008, are located in the towns of Ida Jorón y Tierra Prometida.

Alianza por tus Derechos is a non-governmental organization, non-profit, dedicated to the defense of the Human Rights of minors.

For more information, you can contact Catalina Fernández Rojas at 2524-1327 from Alianza por tus Derechos

Fecha: 29 de noviembre de 2006 a las 19:09

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